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Hello, hello, hello.

Yes... I'm back. How long has it been? 3 months? 4?

I was gone for a long time for two reasons: 1) The only acceptable excuse that is a dumb excuse... pandemic break. 2.) Honestly, nobody was checking the blog. Eriswariris.


I'm back and i hope to continue bringing smiles to your faces as we resume the comedy series. If you're just joining the blog/show, welcome to my comedy special. Here, I do stand-up comedy on a blog. Go figure. 


Let's get right into it.


Good evening...

Wonderful night it is. I speak for myself and myself only. How was your night? I hope it was lovely. If it wasn't, I hope I am able to at least make you smile.

The last show was a blast. I had a lot of feedback from people and I must say, it is very weird to see that people think liking white vitamin-c is a bigger problem than compulsively smelling your hands. People surprise me everyday.

Well, today's show continues in line…

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